For those wondering about us… We are both on a vacation

Our blog will remain closed.

We might come back eventually~

love, Unpopular~

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Seems my vacation lasted longer than expected huh?

Well Mr. Unpopular is back for business!~


First a quick nap~ 

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It means take me to see the LANTERNS~! <3 <3

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Pop:I’m going to kill you…

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1. I have awesome glassess~

2. My hair is a super dark blue~ which is french toasty awesome in my world

3.I collect many different designs of clothing. (mostly oreo or jolly rancher colored~)

4. I CAN SEW LIKE A MAN! (dont look at me like that ITS A MANLY THING!)

5. I HAVE FRECKLES *deeper voice* the ladies loooOOve the freckles~ ;) wink wonk~

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There we go~! Our own Christmas Thneed Tree~

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Lovely followers,

We apologies… we do realize there are plenty unanswered asks..

But we are going under it’s first hiatus. May be long… May be short.
It all depends on time.
Accept this flower and Jolly Ranchers and we’ll be back soon. 
We will leave our inbox open for any new silly asks, requests, talks or anything else.
Respect the Mod for this choice whether we leave forever or just for a week or so.

Thank you for your patience and see you soon.<3


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You two are adorable!~

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Your best friend is a child again! KIDNAP HIM!

OOoooOoOo!!! I havent talked to them in a while!~ I might as well!~ 

Pop: Dont encourage him….=___=

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What if someone made a magic potion that made you popular?


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Gloomy? Love?


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hello the Doctor hear, have you seen my fez because I know you have got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fez??? like….


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Your widower was murdered, Gloomy.


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